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The decision to file for a divorce in Florida can take a huge emotional toll on you, especially when the issues involve alimony, child custody, visitation, parenting plans, child support and other family law issues. Therefore, the most important part of this process is choosing the right attorney to represent you throughout your Florida divorce proceedings.  This decision should not be taken lightly because you need a Florida family law attorney who is caring, yet capable of being able to fight for you even if there are unpleasant issues involved in your divorce or child custody case.  That is why Michael J. Costantino, Esq., New Horizons Law P.A. offers a free consultation to all potential family law clients who are contemplating divorce and who are concerned with alimony, and child custody and visitation issues.

You can do all the research that you want about Florida divorce and child custody attorneys, but choosing the right attorney to represent you during your divorce is extremely personal to you.  Your friends may recommend a divorce attorney, but just because that attorney did a wonderful job at getting your friend a divorce does not mean that this same attorney is the right person for your divorce; maybe due to potential personality conflicts between you and your friend’s divorce attorney.

In addition, not every Florida family law attorney will offer you a free consultation – why pay to meet with a divorce attorney who doesn’t see eye to eye with what you expect as the end result to your divorce with respect to alimony, distribution of assets and debts, child custody, visitation, parenting plans and child support.

The important aspect about a free consultation is having an attorney who will actually listen to your expectations about what you as the client expect to receive with respect to issues such as alimony, child custody, visitation, parenting plans and child support – as well as other divorce related issues like marital assets and debts, pensions and retirement plans.

The details of your case are the most important aspect of your divorce proceeding and New Horizons Law P.A. treats each case as unique to each client’s needs and expectations.  New Horizons Law P.A. realizes that there are a number of psychological and emotional circumstances which play a significant part in every divorce case and which your divorce attorney must take into account in your case.

Many attorneys refuse to offer free consultation in divorce cases because all they care about is collecting a fee; however New Horizon Law P.A. takes a strong interest in every family law case.  It is our goal to work with you to develop a very strong strategy to meet your Florida divorce goals and expectations.

The free consultation that we offer is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down with an experienced family law attorney who will discuss your concerns regarding alimony, marital assets and debts, child custody and visitation, parenting plans, child support and other family law issues.  During this free consultation, New Horizon Law P.A. will give you their full attention in order to understand all of your family law needs.

Once you retain New Horizon Law P.A., we will diligently represent all of your family law needs and we will also pay particular attention to how your issues are addressed. Schedule a free consultation with New Horizon Law P.A. and we will discuss all of your family law related questions with respect to alimony, child custody and visitation, parenting plans, child support and other family law issues.

New Horizon Law P.A. looks forward to meeting with you.


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