Child Support

Child Support in Florida

Establishment of Support in Florida

Child Support is determined pursuant to Florida Statute §61.30. The calculation takes into consideration many factors. Allowable deductions such as taxes, the parent’s health insurance or support paid for another child, or alimony determines an individual’s net income. The parties combine net income determines the basic amount of support for the child. However there are other component that set the final number

Basic Components to Support – There are basically five things that we look at to calculate support. I say “basic” because the law has many exceptions to the rule and child support can vary based on certain exceptions or conditions. However the five basic items is the net income of the father, the net income of the mother, the cost of daycare for the child, the cost of health insurance for the child and the amount of overnights each parent has with the child. The amount of overnights must be consistent with the parties parenting plan.

Calculation of support is usually secondary to main case, unless you are involved in a Department of Revenue case. When confronted with a Department of Revenue case you are being ordered to pay support for your child. Generally, these are case where the male is asked to pay support where paternity has been established but no legal rights to time-sharing have been given to the Father. As such the calculation will be based on mother having 100% of the overnights regardless of the reality. If this is the case see my page on Paternity for Fathers.

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