COVID-19 and New Horizons Law, P.A.

We at New Horizons Law, P.A. take the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) seriously. Protecting both, our families and your family, is a major concern to all of us. Understandably, a common question that we hear at New Horizons Law, P.A., is “how has COVID-19 affected Florida Family Law cases?” The short answer to that question is that we are still practicing Family Law, but this pandemic has completely changed the way that Florida Family Law attorneys practice; as well as the manner in which you, the Florida Family Law litigants, are able to gain access to our legal system.

Speaking from experience, the Broward Family Law Section Judiciary stepped in to prevent a failure in the system. From day one of the closure due to the pandemic, the Court made sure that proceedings continued.

The major change for Florida Attorneys is that we have to meet our clients on a remote basis. We understand for many people it is difficult to trust someone, to develop that rapport with someone, and to hire someone, when you can’t look into their eyes.  Fortunately, there are ways to look into someone’s eyes using videoconferencing on your cell phone or computer. There are online methods available like Skype, Facetime and Zoom – but the one that is commonly used by Florida courts is Zoom.

COVID-19 has caused our courthouses and attorney offices to be closed to the public and to operate in different manners. Prior to the onset of COVID-19, most Floridians had probably never heard of Zoom – yet alone used it,  

Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software apps on the market which allows individuals to interact with not only friends and colleagues, but also with their attorney(s) and our Florida Family Law Judges on a virtual basis.

At New Horizons Law, P.A., at we have found Zoom to be an effective way to stay in touch with our clients when questions arise.  It also provides for a secure and confidential setting for at New Horizons Law, P.A., and our clients to communicate.

In addition, if you are looking to retain New Horizons Law, P.A., you can schedule an initial consultation – which by the way is free – through the New Horizons Law, P.A., website at

The courthouses in Broward County Florida and their Florida Family Judges conduct all hearings, including trials using Zoom so during these proceeding our clients are in the location of their choice, but unfortunately not in our office. We conduct depositions and mediation via Zoom. Since Zoom allows for “breakout rooms” our clients, with representation from New Horizons Law, P.A., can discuss in a confidential setting the issues of their case in the breakout room with the mediator going back and forth between the parties, until a resolution is reached.

Although COVID-19 has changed the way that Florida attorneys and courts practice Family Law, hopefully it is only a temporary change.  But one thing that New Horizons Law, P.A., has learned from this pandemic is that once our world returns to normal, we have resources like Zoom to use for consultations and/or meetings with clients who are unable to meet during normal business hours that provide the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact New Horizons Law, P.A., at the above listed website.