Family Law

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Family Law Overview

Family Law is a broad scope of many different areas. The major areas are Divorce and Paternity. But there are other aspects of Family Law that fall under the scope of the Family Court. At New Horizons Law, P.A. we practice all areas of Family Law, and we are Trusted, Knowledgeable and experienced Family Law Attorneys . Unfortunately when a person reaches that point in their life where a change is needed it usually requires a legal action of some sort. At New Horizons Law, P.A. we attempt to keep you out of court unless it is absolutely necessary. We believe strongly in mediation and negotiation to resolve your conflict. However when that fails we are prepared to argue your case.

Family Law Practice Areas

Divorce – If you have been served with divorce papers, or are contemplating divorce, let New Horizons Law help you get through every step of the complex process, from the children’s issues, the division of assets, to support.

Paternity – Mother’s, need help establishing child support. Father’s, need help establishing a time-sharing schedule? Parent’s, we at New Horizon Law can help you establish a proper “Parenting Plan” as required by law.

Relocation – Whether you need to relocate with minor children or the other parent is seeking to relocate, or has already done so in violation of the law, New Horizons Law can help you secure your rights.

Parental Responsibility/Time-Sharing – “Custody” is a dying term in this State, at least when it comes to the physical residence of the children. New Horizons Law can help you achieve the time-sharing schedule and Parenting Plan you seek. Difficulties generally arise when parents don’t feel the other parent is fit or capable of parenting.

Equitable Distribution – We can help you negotiate a fair equitable distribution settlement. The division of assets and liabilities is an important one as it cannot be reversed. Talk to us today about ensuring you receive a fair share of your assets.

Child Support – The calculation of child support can be complex and confusing. At New Horizon Law we have all the tools, software, to properly calculate child support. Don’t trust just anyone to determine how much you should pay, or receive for support.

Alimony – Let me give you some information on understanding the different types of alimony and which is proper for your situation. There were varying views on what was considered a long, moderate and short term marriage – no longer, it is not part of the code. Let New Horizons Law show you how the law applies to your case and help you reach a proper and fair settlement.

Modification of Support – Issues of the children and some spousal support issues are modifiable. The law is specific on when a particular issue may be modified. New Horizon Law will plead your case and help you achieve your goals.

Contempt – Is he or she not paying their Court Ordered support or abiding by the agreement that they were ordered to comply with? Let New Horizons Law bring that person before the Court so that it may be enforced.

Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member – Florida Statute 751 grants the court the power to give an “extended family member” custody over the child.

Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements – Let us help you develop a Nuptial Agreement to protect and keep separate your pre-marital assets. The preparation of this document must be consistent with the law, failure to comply with the law could render your agreement void. Let New Horizon Law write your pre/post nuptial agreement.

Domestic Violence – Commonly known as restraining orders these action could have sever ramification in your divorce or paternity action. Additionally these actions may include the minor children is the child/children was subjected to violence. Let New Horizon Law present your case to the Court and protect your interests.

Relative Adoption – One of the more joyful experiences we have is with the adoption process. Let us help you get through the process.

Name Change – New Horizon Law can help you get through the process of the name change.