Amanda Deoliveira, FRP

Amanda Deoliveira is a Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator (Certificate No. 35275 F), as well as a Florida Registered Paralegal through the Florida Bar (Bar # 0291108). She has been working in the Family Law field since 2010. Having her own personal experience with divorce and family law, as well as her professional experience, she has learned the importance of mediation, and all that it has to offer to families that are going through, what is usually, one of the most difficult, and stressful, times in their lives.

Regardless if it is a Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity case or something in between, Amanda has the knowledge and experience to help the parties realize that they are the ones in control of their families, and that the parties can, and should, be the ones to make the decisions that will impact their family’s future. Only the parties know their family dynamics and can make the best decisions based on what will work for them.

Now more than ever, Amanda realizes the importance for families to work together for, not only themselves, but their children too, she herself is mother. She understands as a parents that we must make the decision that we love our children more than we dislike our ex.

Amanda has an Associate Degree in Science, graduating in 2010 with honors. In 2014, She decided to further my education directed in Legal Studies and in 2016, she attained her Bachelor’s of Science, with honors, from Kaplan University. Upon Completion of her Bachelor’s Degree, she enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Graduate Certificate Program for Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building, completing this in 2017.