Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can be expensive and complex. Let our experience help you through these tough times!

  • I am not a Paralegal service nor a Do-It-Yourself kit provider!
  • I am a licensed attorney with experience in thousands of family law cases.
  • I can provide you with legal advice and assure you that the matter will be accomplished in a timely, professional, and legally competent manner.
  • My fees are fixed so you will not have to deal with large retainer fees or hourly fees!
  • The fee can be broken into multiple payments.

Here’s how I do it!

You will need to provide me with the Information needed by the courts to file an uncontested divorce. I will then review the information you provide and draft the necessary court documents along with a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (if needed), which will provide for settlement of all issues in your case. If you have children I will calculate the amount of child support consistent with your Financial Affidavits. You and your spouse will sign all the required documents. I will then file these documents with the court. There will be no need for you to deal with the court system, we do it all for you! My office will notify you where and when to appear for the Final Hearing (usually with 20 days after filing) and of course, I will appear with you!

Steps to a Uncontested Divorce

STEP 1. If you and your spouse are in agreement as to the terms of your divorce, gather the relevant information. You can use our worksheet to help you. We need some basic information about you, your spouse and your children, if applicable.

STEP 2. Get the information to my office. You can fax, (954-623-6450) email, notification@newhorizonslaw.com or call us directly and we will have someone take the information from you.

STEP 3. Make payment arrangements. We accept all major credit cards.

STEP 4. Both you and your spouse must complete a Financial Affidavit Short Form if you make less than $50,000/year or a Financial Affidavit Long Form if you make more than $50,000/year. This is a must and can not be avoided.

STEP 5. If you have children you must complete an approved Florida Parenting Course. This can be done online or in a classroom environment, and no you don’t have to do it with your spouse.

STEP 6. Approve and sign all the documents.

STEP 7. Go to Court. The Final Hearing last about 2 minutes, but it must be done.

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