Why Hire New Horizons Law?

Why New Horizons Law? Plainly said, we are hardworking, honest individuals, all working to get the job done for you. Here at New Horizons Law we tell you the truth. We don’t fabricate a solution for your problem in order to create a basis for you to retain our office. We give you reasonable expectations for real life scenarios.

Can we tout that we are the greatest… the best at what we do? That we have a high success record? We Can! We can because we measure our success in our accomplishments. We achieve our goals, because we don’t create a high bar that nobody can jump over, just for you to retain us. We offer you reality, what to really expect and the best advice to help you along the path you must go down.

When it comes to dealing with Family related topics, Divorce, Paternity, Custody, Alimony or Child Support, we have said over and over, that in life we have many choices to make. Sometimes these choices take us down paths that may bring us sorrow, despair, confusion, and regret. Sometimes these decisions are by our choosing; sometimes they are forced upon us. Regardless, these decisions can be the most stressful decisions you will make in life.

How can New Horizons Law help? By starting with our honest opinion of what may happen in your case. We do this by first listening to our clients so that we can better understand the unique needs and concerns of each of our clients. Then only can we better serve their interests.

Our primary goal is to help you get your life back on track, to counsel you so that you can avoid the courtroom environment, but to protect you and be there to secure your rights in a court of law if need be.

Florida’s family laws, rules, and procedures are confusing and complex. That is why you should always consult an attorney that practices Divorces and Family Law and nothing else. An Office like New Horizons Law. We don’t practice criminal law or elder law, or many other types of law. We are a Florida Divorce and Family Law Office that understands the laws intimately, because we handle family law matters on a regular basis, only! We will always listen compassionately and attentively to your needs and concerns and provide you with the right family law advice for your particular case.