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What is a Collaborative Divorce?

The Collaborative Divorce Process allows you to truly take control of your divorce. Collaborative law seeks a variety of solutions, taking into consideration the families unique needs and situation, allowing each person impacted by a divorce – especially children – to have the best post-divorce lives possible. When you both choose to use the “Collaborative” method, you have chosen to reduce the emotional strain that “Traditional Litigation” has. Depending on your circumstance a Collaborative team will be developed. Both parties must have a Collaboratively trained Attorney. Some families may need a Financial Neutral, a Mental Health facilitator, or both. The expertise of Financial and Mental Health Professionals will help divorcing couples come to a fair and comprehensive agreement. The process is a cost effective alternative to couples who don’t want a traditional divorce and provides the convenience and privacy that more and more divorcing couples are seeking.

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

  • Offers a dignified and private approach to your divorce.
  • Divorcing couple work with professionals to help resolve financial, parenting and other related issues.
  • Provides child-friendly and family-friendly solutions.
  • Achieves the best possible post-divorce relationship for two people who once cared for each other.
  • Preserves relationships between parents and their children as well as with other family members.
  • Divorcing couples don’t hand over control to a judge who isn’t familiar with their unique circumstances.
  • Divorcing couples work without court interference and with collaborative professionals who are focused on delivering the most positive outcome possible for the family.
  • Fosters healthy co-parenting during and after divorce.
  • Offers the flexibility to schedule meetings with their team when it’s most convenient for all of the participants.
  • Avoids the need to rearrange a family’s schedule to meet when the court sees fit.
  • Seeks win-win outcomes through creative problem solving (including designing financial and parenting arrangements that may not be available through the Court).
  • Uses a team approach to envelope, support, and guide both clients through the process.
  • Contains conflicts that might otherwise escalate.
  • Keeps all the decisions in the hands of the clients.
  • Frees clients from involvement of the Court, in their lives, and its inherent costs and risks.
  • Completes the divorce more quickly than is typically possible through the Courts.
  • Reduces the stress of the divorce process.
  • Enhances cost-efficiency by eliminating litigation costs including the cost of dual competing experts.
  • Helps each client understand their finances and ensures that each client’s financial needs will be met.
  • Helps make the healing process easier, allowing clients to move on to separate lives with less “baggage.”
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Michael J. Costantino is a Collaboratively Trained Divorce Attorney. Do not do it alone. New Horizons Law always offers a free consultation. There is no better way than sitting down face-to-face with a Trusted, Knowledgeable and Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorney to learn what your rights are and to get what you deserve. I am sure you know someone, a friend or family member, that has a horror story regarding their own experience. That is why you should always consult an attorney that practices Divorces and Family Law and nothing else. At New Horizons Law we do not practice criminal law or elder law, or any other type of law. This is a Florida Divorce and Family Law Firm that understands the Family Laws and Procedures, because we handle only family law matters. Our staff will always listen compassionately and attentively to your needs and concerns and provide you with the best advice for your particular case. Give us a call at 954-623-6445.