Invest in Yourself

One of the most important things to remember as you are moving forward with an action for dissolution of marriage is to accurately and fully fill out the Florida Family Law long form financial affidavit that is found in Form 12.902(c).  This form requires you to accurately list all of your monthly expenses as well as fully value all of your marital and non-marital assets and debts.

The true importance of an accurate family law financial affidavit is that this document directly affects all family law issues such as child support, alimony, and division of assets including both personal and real property. Although filling out this document may be time consuming, you should devote as much time as you can in order to assist New Horizons Law, P.A., Michael J. Costantino, Esq. in helping to get you the best possible outcome to your divorce.

This investment of your time will become quite apparent as your divorce case moves forward to mediation and court hearings because the monthly expenses and the valuations that are contained on Florida Family Form 12.902 (c) are used by mediators, magistrates, hearing officers and judges to determine the money you will be required to pay or that you will receive as child support and/or alimony payments as well in just how marital assets are divided.   This is due to the fact that the Florida Family Form 12.902 (c) is an affidavit that is sworn under the penalty of perjury.

Due to the importance of Florida Family Form 12.902 (c), it is extremely prudent that you provide New Horizons Law, P.A., Michael J. Costantino, Esq. with accurate documentation that supports not only your monthly expenses, but also proves the amount of your debts and liabilities as well as the valuations of marital and non-marital assets that you list on this financial affidavit.  It is also vital that you take the time to collect as many records, receipts, or any other documentation in order to protect your marital assets and also help to ensure that you will be ordered to receive the monthly alimony and/or child support to which you are entitled.

When a party to a divorce seeks child support and/or alimony, Florida Family Form 12.902 (c) lays out all of your assets, property, incomes, and expenses.  This form will not only be reviewed by the court, but it will also hold a lot of weight in determining the amount of child support that should be awarded and/or if alimony should be granted based upon the discrepancies in income and expenses between you and your spouse.

New Horizons Law, P.A., Michael J. Costantino, Esq. will use your Florida Family Law Financial Affidavit to convince the court in determining how much alimony or child support that is legally required to be ordered.  In addition, New Horizons Law, P.A., Michael J. Costantino, Esq., will also use this financial affidavit in order to help you obtain the best marital property division that is possible.

As should be apparent, Florida Family Form 12.902 (c) is an essential component to assist New Horizons Law, P.A., Michael J. Costantino, Esq. in preparing to fully and adequately represent you throughout your divorce case.